The exceptional Alsace wines signed Domaine Hertzog

Discover in this range of exceptional quality Alsace wines from our Domaine Hertzog. A selection of vintages from the finest grapes of our terroirs or from the best years of our harvests. Some exceptional wines from our estate, prestigious vintages or forgotten cuvées.

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Fine vintages and rare Alsace cuvées

When the meticulous work in the vines meets vinification carried out with passion and rigour, the essence of our estate is revealed in Alsace wines of rare excellence. But when the climate plays its part in this alchemy, providing the vines with ideal conditions, it's then that prestigious vintages, exceptional cuvées and even 'forgotten' gems from older years become available in limited quantities.

Here are a few gems from our collection:

    Des Vendanges Tardives, Grâce à l'Année Exceptionnelle 2009Explore the richness of flavours in every sip of an exceptional vintage.
    A Cuvée Numbered, Labelled and Signed by Tomi Ungerer
    Immerse yourself in the art of winegrowing with this unique cuvée, a true work of art in the bottle.
    A Crémant Millésimé 2010 in Magnum
    Celebrate the effervescent elegance of this vintage cuvée, presented in a Magnum format for an even more memorable experience.

Here are just a few examples:

    Late harvest from the excellent 2009 vintage
    A numbered cuvée with a label by Tomi Ungerer
    A 2010 vintage crémant in Magnum

Browse our full selection to discover other Alsatian treasures, exquisitely rare cuvées that will capture the essence of our estate with every tasting.