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Gift ideas

Are you looking for a gift idea to add to your Alsace wines and are you hesitating between a box, a gift card or an accessory?

Discover all our gift suggestions on our Sylvain Hertzog shop with a whole selection to enrich your experience. Ideal for a birthday or simply for the pleasure of giving.

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Gift ideas around wine

Are you looking for a gift that evokes the spirit of Alsace wines and the richness of our region?
Whether you want to surprise an Alsace wine enthusiast, delight your father who loves wine tasting or equip your partner with the perfect accessories to fully appreciate our wines, our selection of gift ideas has something to satisfy every wine lover?

Here are some gift ideas for all wine lovers:

    For the Advanced Wine Lover: Choose tasting boxes featuring our emblematic vintages, accompanied by top-of-the-range accessories for an unforgettable tasting experience.
    For the Collector: Offer a gift card that allows the recipient to choose from our rich selection of Alsace wines and spirits, guaranteeing a perfect choice.
    For the Accessory Lover: Explore our range of accessories in the colours of Domaine Vins d'Alsace Hertzog, from elegant glasses to sophisticated corkscrews, to enrich the tasting ritual.

Gifts in the colours of Alsace.

All our products are imbued with the authenticity of Domaine Vins d'Alsace Hertzog, representing the very essence of our passion for wine. These gifts, available for purchase, are a perfect extension of our wine and spirits ranges, creating a complete sensory experience.

Whether you're browsing our Alsace wines or discovering our spirits, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.