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Find here the selection of fruit liqueurs from Alsace available on our online shop to flavour Alsace wines and crémants.

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The liquors of Domaine Hertzog

At the heart of Domaine Hertzog, our collection of liqueurs reveals the very essence of Alsace through a perfect alchemy of subtle flavours, derived from the maceration of white alcohol, the delicate addition of sugar, and a meticulous selection of exceptional fruits.

Refined production: Maceration and measured sweetness

Every drop of our liqueurs bears witness to a refined production process. At the base, the white spirit is carefully impregnated with the delicate aromas of carefully selected fruit. Maceration, both an art and a science, gives our liqueurs an incomparable aromatic richness, where each fruit expresses its personality with elegance.

The right balance: between sweetness and subtlety

Although our liqueurs have a higher sugar content than brandies, they strike just the right balance. They are distinguished from crèmes d'alcool by their subtlety, avoiding excessive sweetness. Each sip offers a balanced sensory experience, where the sweetness of the fruit dances in harmony with the delicacy of the alcohol.

The Art of the Aperitif: Enhancing Gourmet Moments

Generally intended as aperitifs, our liqueurs reveal their versatility by blending with Alsace wines, adding a touch of creativity to every tasting experience. A classic or revisited Kir, a crémant sublimated with raspberry or mirabelle plum, offering an original taste experience, ready to surprise the most demanding palates.

Le Plaisir Pâtissier: Liqueurs in the kitchen

Beyond the glass, our liqueurs also make their way into the sweet world of pastry-making. Their intoxicating fragrance blends deliciously with gourmet creations, revealing a palette of flavours that transcends the art of cooking.

Discover the subtle art of liqueurs at Domaine Hertzog, where each bottle is the embodiment of terroir, know-how and a passion handed down from generation to generation. An invitation to explore Alsace through unique and unforgettable flavours.