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Our surprising and authentic Alsace wines

Discover our range of classic Alsatian wines made from the most famous grape varieties of Alsace.

To (re)discover in each bottle a different fruitiness and tasting. The intense expression of the character of our Alsatian white and red wines to appreciate the aromas of each variety.

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What are our classic Alsace wines?

These are Alsace wines with a controlled origin. They are made from the 7 traditional Alsace grape varieties, white and red, as well as a blended wine such as :

    Pinot blanc
    Pinot Gris
    Pinot noir

These wines are matured and vinified in their rawest and most natural form in order to bring out the fruity flavour to the maximum in each cuvée. To achieve this, our grapes are subjected to pneumatic pressing with filtration of the must, fermentation with temperature control, followed by a specific ageing process requiring attention and know-how depending on the cuvée.

Our Alsace wines are matured at the Hertzog estate, in stainless steel vats, and worked for the Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer in 2 cuvées with a different approach:

    The first, more traditional and gastronomic, which makes them drier wines that are easy to drink with food.
    The second is warmer, more drinkable and atypical, making them softer and surprising wines for moments of pleasure.