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Looking for a wine tasting box? Find here the boxes composed of our different grape varieties and vintages. You can order them online and also buy them at the cellar. They are composed of Alsace wines exclusively, produced by the Domaine de Vins d'Alsace Hertzog. You will find here : 2 or 3 bottles boxes of Alsace wines, boxes to discover our vintages of Alsace wines, boxes for the connoisseurs of Alsace wines, boxes of Hospices de Strasbourg and boxes of Alsace wines for the summer

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Alsace wine gift boxes

Let yourself be carried away by the warm soul of Alsace with our carefully designed gift boxes, an invitation to explore the diversity and excellence of our wines. At Domaine Hertzog, each gift box tells a story of passion, terroir and traditions handed down from generation to generation.

Discover our Unique Collections :

    Boxes of 2 or 3 Bottles of Alsace Wines
    Immerse yourself in the world of our emblematic vintages, brought together in harmonious sets. Perfect for a tasting session for two or a more extensive experience.
    Discover our Cuvées d'Alsace wines
    A perfect introduction for novices, these boxes guide you through our most representative creations, highlighting the diversity of our range.
    For connoisseurs of Alsace wines
    Designed for discerning palates, these gift sets reveal hidden treasures and exceptional vintages, offering a refined taste experience.
    Hospices de Strasbourg gift sets
    Dive into history with our gift sets featuring the jewels of the Hospices de Strasbourg, wines full of emotion and authenticity.
    Alsace Wine Boxes for Summer
    Refresh yourself with sets specially designed for summer, featuring light and fruity wines perfect for sunny moments.

A Perfect Gift Idea for Any Occasion

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, giving a corporate gift or simply delighting an Alsace wine lover, our gift boxes are an elegant and delicious option.

With Domaine Hertzog gift boxes, every tasting experience becomes an exceptional moment, where wine becomes an experience, an emotion, and above all, an unforgettable memory.