Our brandies and liqueurs of Alsace

Discover all our spirits in addition to our Alsace wines: Alsatian brandies and liqueurs. To be drunk as a digestive or to accompany your wines according to your taste for the aperitif or the end of the meal.

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What our spirits are made of

Do you like to drink a digestif at the end of a meal or flavour a Crémant d'Alsace? Or simply enjoy an eau de vie or a liqueur with their expressive fruit flavour?

We offer you a range of eaux de vie and liqueurs made in Alsace. 100% fruit from Alsatian production coming from the European Collectivity of Alsace. They are all made according to traditional ancestral methods.

The eaux de vie, made from fruit, are either fermented or macerated with white alcohol.

We offer a selection of fruits such as

    mirabelle plum

The liqueurs are made from fruit, white alcohol and added sugar.

We offer you a choice of :

    raspberry liqueur
    mirabelle plum liqueur
    pear liqueur
    vine peach liqueur
    gingerbread liqueur