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Discover all our spirits in addition to our Alsace wines: Alsatian brandies and liqueurs. To be drunk as a digestive or to accompany your wines according to your taste for the aperitif or the end of the meal.

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What our spirits are made of ?

Do you like to enjoy a digestif at the end of a festive meal, with a Crémant d'Alsace, or simply to savour the delicacy of an expressive eau-de-vie or liqueur?

We invite you to plunge into the heart of Alsace with our exquisite spirits, designed to enchant your senses and enhance your special moments. A range of eaux-de-vie and liqueurs made in Alsace. Our eaux-de-vie and liqueurs are made exclusively from fruit grown in the rich soil of Alsace, within the Collectivité Européenne d'Alsace. It is here that each fruit becomes a source of inspiration. They are all made using traditional ancestral methods.

Our spirits are crafted using ancestral methods handed down from generation to generation. The fruit, carefully selected for its quality and authenticity, gives rise to unique eaux-de-vie. Whether it's fermentation or maceration with white spirit, each stage is orchestrated with precision to reveal the full richness of Alsace's aromas.

Discover our selection of emblematic Alsatian fruits:

    Mirabelle: Let yourself be seduced by the sweetness and subtlety of the mirabelle plum, a symbol of the Alsace region.
    Questch: Immerse yourself in the intensity of the plum, distilled to create a refined and expressive eau-de-vie.
    Raspberry: Explore the sweet and tart sparkle of raspberries, captured in a vibrant and delicate eau-de-vie.
    Poire : Savour the delicacy of the pear, transformed into an elegant and balanced eau-de-vie.
    Kirsch: Discover the lively, fruity essence of cherry, an explosion of flavours on the palate.

Our liqueurs, a subtle marriage of fruit, white spirit and sugar, are an invitation to an exquisite taste journey.

Choose from our selection:

    Liqueur de Framboise: A sweet and fruity symphony that evokes the freshness of Alsatian raspberries.
    Mirabelle plum liqueur: Immerse yourself in the delicacy of the mirabelle plum with a smooth, gourmet liqueur.
    Liqueur de Poire : Let yourself be carried away by the delicate harmony of pears in this charming liqueur.
    Liqueur de Pêche de Vigne : Explore the sweetness of the vine peach in a smooth, captivating liqueur.
    Liqueur de Pain d'Épices : Succumb to the spicy warmth of our liqueur, a delicious fusion of flavours.