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Domaine Hertzog, production of Alsatian wines using sustainable methods

A family business developed over 3 generations, we have been working with integrated pest management since 1987 to preserve the richness of the soil and of a vineyard of about 7.5 hectares.

Our vines are naturally grassed and for the most part planted in alternating rows in order to take advantage of the best exposure until the harvest. We reduce the mechanized surface by working only the wide rows and leaving the narrower ones at rest.

As a producer and harvester, we see integrated pest management as a wise balance between production and respect for the environment. Integrated pest management is largely based on the principles of organic agriculture, such as integrated biological control and the use of pesticides only in the event of disease or pest alerts that could jeopardize the harvest.

At the domain, we consider this approach more realistic in view of the state of the vineyards in Alsace. Especially since no two growers use the same cultivation methods. It is the respect of the fauna and the flora that we also value in order to try to maintain a maximum of biodiversity which seems to us more than necessary especially at the present time.