Our wine estate.

Welcome to our exceptional wine estate, rooted in the tradition of Alsace wines since 1977. Initiated by grandfather Yves Hertzog, our family estate has evolved over the generations, switching to integrated viticulture in 1987 under the watchful eye of Sylvain, concerned with quality development and environmental impact.

Our winegrowing history, woven over three generations, continues with the commitment of Florian since 20019, the son-in-law, present for more than 10 years in the vines and cellar, perpetuating the elaboration of the cuvées and the welcome at the cellar in respect of the know-how, values and brand image of the estate with our Alsace wines stamped with the frog. Discover the history of our emblem here.

Our estate has vineyards planted with the 7 classic Alsace grape varieties Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer. We offer all these Alsace wine appellations in a range of surprising, authentic and fruity white wines: from traditional (but not so formalized) cuvées to fresh and aromatic, gastronomic wines to satisfy every taste bud.

Explore our palette of captivating white wines, from traditional cuvées to fresh, aromatic wines to suit every taste bud. From Vendanges Tardives and Grains Nobles to Crémant d'Alsace and Edelzwicker, each bottle tells a unique story. All these unique wines are available from our online boutique and direct from our cellars.

House of Herrlisheim Vignoble - Vins Alsace Hertzog

"There are two things that benefit from aging: good wine and friends"


To know us better?

As far as our wines are concerned, they all come from the appellation Vins d'Alsace AOC (appellation d'origine contrôlée) and are produced from vines planted in the vicinity of the village and the estate, which receive the necessary attention throughout the seasons. For many years now, we have been giving them all our know-how and attention, thanks to vinification in stainless steel vats resulting from high-quality pneumatic pressing, as well as mastery of the fermentation process. This technical knowledge is essential to enable the grape varieties to express the elegance, fruitiness and power of our terroir.

Beyond the vines, our high standards and passion extend to the cellar, where we attach great importance to care and precaution to produce exceptional Alsace wines, highlighting the terroir and Alsatian viticulture of which we are so proud. Every sip reveals all the flavors of our terroirs in every bottle of every cuvée.

Terroir, grape varieties and lieu-dit

Soil, an important part of terroir

The quality of our wines depends enormously on the nature and characteristics of the soil in which our vines grow. Alsace, between the Vosges mountains and the German Black Forest, is home to a sedimentary soil resulting from its turbulent geological past. This mosaic of soils brings richness and finesse to our Alsace wines.

Our vines, mostly on clay-limestone soil, reveal a beautiful acid structure, evolving magnificently with age. Some parcels on marl soils produce generous, long-lasting wines that mineralize beautifully with age.

Grape varieties

Since 1983, the entire estate has been grassed every other row to promote greater water retention and a soil richer in mineral elements. We limit organic inputs to the strict needs of the soil.

The vines are cultivated using a "lutte raisonnée" system, to protect the environment and reduce the direct impact on our wines, with as few residues as possible. The rows of vines are replanted further apart to give them greater exposure to the sun and allow better ripening of the bunches. The old vines are "alternated" with one row in three pulled out for the same reasons as the rest of our vineyard. We even have the immense good fortune to work vines on two specific terroirs.

The Bildstoecklé

This locality extends over 28 hectares (including around 3 hectares for our estate) at an altitude of between 225 and 321m. It is characterized by limestone soil rich in iron, prolonged sunshine and very favorable ventilation. Largely dominated by Gewurztraminer and Riesling grapes, the hillside appears to be ideal for Pinot Noir, which particularly appreciates this type of soil. We treat our vines here in accordance with the rules of Grands Crus production.

Le Masel

A small, slightly sloping, south-facing vineyard on the edge of the hillside, enjoying the sun all day long. We chose Gewurztraminer as the grape variety that could best blossom and express itself to the full.

Environmental commitment: committed winegrower and viticulture!

Committed is the right word, because in addition to integrated pest management, we have implemented techniques designed to reduce our environmental impact. Sexual confusion, organic nitrogen fertilization using horse manure, and manual pruning all contribute to keeping chemical inputs to the soil to a minimum, thus preserving the natural balance. Find out more about our different practices.

Sexual confusion

We use pheromone capsules to prevent flying insects from proliferating in our vineyards. This avoids the use of any pesticide, and for greater efficiency, we work with the whole group of winegrowers on a larger area for better results. The result: 0% pesticide use in the vineyards, which translates into close to 0% traces found in the wine.

Organic nitrogen fertilization

The amendment of horse manure in collaboration with an equestrian center provides us with the organic inputs needed to fertilize the soil naturally. Spreading the manure gradually enriches the soil throughout the year, preserving its balance.

Manual care

We hand-pick our vines rather than use mechanical means, which would generate pollution (noise, air, soil). We take the time to clean the tops of the vines as they develop before flowering. This prevents the vines from becoming too exhausted with stems that will require sap with little chance of seeing bunches develop on them. This will give the others a chance to flower and ripen in peace.

Where are we located?

You'll find us in Herrlisheim Vignoble, on the wine route south of Colmar, capital of Alsace wines. Our tasting cellar invites you to discover our world. To find out more, click here. Immerse yourself in an exceptional taste experience, where every sip celebrates our commitment to history, terroir and the environment.