Alsace Sylvaner

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    Sight: The colour is clear, with green reflections, underlining its characteristic freshness.
    The nose: The nose is discreet and airy. It offers a subtle fruity and floral bouquet: citrus fruits, white flowers, freshly cut grass
    The taste: The palate is frank and delicate, built around a beautiful freshness.


Sylvaner is above all a wine to be shared with an assortment of cold meats or with small dishes such as quiches or onion tarts. This wine has no equal for lightening up these simple and authentic dishes, giving them its verve and good humour. This is why it is also at ease with Savoyard fondues and raclettes.

Far from being confined to this role, the liveliest Sylvaners also go wonderfully well with shellfish. With their low aromatic content, they do not interfere with the sea saltiness of oysters and other seafood platter delights. Mussels, snails and grilled fish also enjoy its fresh, thirst-quenching character and its discreet fruitiness.


    Leaf: Orbicular in shape, the leaf is plain or slightly bubbled. The ogival teeth are wide.
    Bunch : Medium-sized, the bunch is cylindrical or cylindro-conical and compact.
    Berry: Spherical, medium-sized, the berry is green with brown spots that become golden yellow on exposure. The skin is relatively thick. The flavour of the berry is discreet, slightly acidic.