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Our wines of Alsace

Since 1977, we have been making and maturing our Alsace wines with passion at Domaine Hertzog. Find all our different vintages in the 7 grape varieties of Alsace appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) from the family vineyard of 7.5Ha located in Obermorschwihr (68420).

Come and discover our gastronomic wines, our pleasure wines, our terroir wines, our woody wines, our wines from exceptional years as well as our late harvest and noble grapes.

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Discover our different vintages

Let yourself be carried away on a journey that will awaken your senses through our different cuvées, each telling a unique story, capturing the essence of Alsace grape varieties and our ancestral terroir.

Our Alsace wines are produced in different cuvées:

    Cuvées "Tradition": Gastronomy to the fore
    Our "Tradition" cuvées embody the discreet elegance of our Alsace wines. Accessible and deliciously gastronomic, they are the ambassadors of our art of winemaking, marking the entrance to our refined universe.
    Cuvées "Réservée" and "Particulière": The Expression of Excellence
    The Cuvée "Réservée" and the Cuvée "Particulière" mark the pinnacle of our winemaking art. These expressive wines will reveal deep nuances that bear witness to our commitment to excellence. Each sip is an invitation to explore the infinite richness of our terroirs.

    Cuvées "Bildstoecklé" and "Masel": An Ode to Terroir
    The "Bildstoecklé" and "Masel" Cuvées are the very embodiment of our vineyards. They express with passion and authenticity the unique characteristics of the terroir from which they emerge. These wines, made from vines bathed in sunshine and caressed by the wind, will transport you to the heart of our winegrowing landscape.
    Cuvées "Duc d'Ober" and "Sainte Cécile": Over-ripeness and aromatic power
    The "Duc d'Ober" and "Sainte Cécile" Cuvées are a celebration of the over-ripening of the grape varieties. Their powerful aromas are the result of meticulous ageing, revealing deep, complex notes. Each of these cuvées embodies the very essence of excellence in the expression of Alsatian grape varieties.

Ranges for all tastes.

For greater clarity, our wines are grouped into distinct ranges:

- Vins d'Alsace: The very essence of our Alsace terroir.
- Exceptional Wines: Rare and exceptional vintages.
- Vins de Terroir : A journey to the heart of our vineyards.
- Hospices de Strasbourg Wines: A tribute to tradition and history.
- Vendanges Tardives & Grains Nobles: The quintessence of sweetness and complexity.
- Crémants : Elegant and refined bubbles.

The Magic of the 7 Grape Varieties of Alsace

Each of our cuvées finds its unique expression among the seven Alsace grape varieties:

    Pinot blanc
    Pinot Gris
    Pinot Noir