Alsace Pinot blanc

Explore the refreshing world of Pinot Blanc, an Alsatian grape variety with exquisite lightness and subtle dryness, an invitation to easy drinking.

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Find out more about the Alsace Pinot Blanc grape variety

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of the Pinot Blanc grape variety in Alsace, revealing a sensory journey through sight, nose and taste.

Sensory Discovery  

     Sight: Admire the pale yellow colour with green highlights, a brilliant clarity evoking the purity of the Alsace terroir.

    The Nose: Let yourself be seduced by a fresh, delicately fruity bouquet. Notes of peach, apple and floral nuances create a subtle harmony, revealing the aromatic richness of this Alsace grape variety.

    Taste: Pinot Blanc is an open door to gustatory pleasure. Its pleasant softness, balanced by medium acidity, makes it a versatile choice within the range of Alsace wines. A balanced sensory experience, capturing the very essence of the terroir.


Food pairings  

This wine can be enjoyed as a starter or as a main course wine. It pairs magnificently with a variety of dishes, from delicate fish to succulent white meats, savoury poultry to gourmet egg creations. Mild cheeses also find their ideal partner in this Pinot Blanc, adding an exceptional gastronomic dimension to every tasting experience.


    Bunch: Small to medium-sized, cylindrical, compact, a whole that embodies the promise of a careful, meticulous harvest.

    Berry: Small, spherical or slightly

Explore the art of Alsatian living through Pinot Blanc, a spellbinding experience that fuses tradition and innovation, offering a memorable tasting experience with every glass.