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The accessories of Domaine Hertzog

Looking for wine-tasting accessories to give as gifts? Or would you like to complete your range for an even more complete experience? Domaine Vins d'Alsace Hertzog has put together a selection of wine accessories to enhance your social occasions or those of your friends. You'll find : -Alsace wine glasses (ballon d'Alsace, Inao) -sommelier/corkscrew -etc...

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Explore the Art of Wine Tasting with our Wine Accessories

Discover our collection of top-of-the-range accessories dedicated to tasting Alsace wines. At Domaine Vins d'Alsace Hertzog, we offer you carefully selected tools to enhance every sip and make every tasting an exceptional experience.

Accessories offered by the Domaine :

    Alsace Wine Glasses (Ballon)
    Immerse yourself in the ultimate sensory experience with our glasses specially designed to reveal the rich aromatic palette of our wines. The balloon-shaped design allows for optimal aeration, bringing out every nuance.
    An emblematic tool of the wine world, our sommelier/corkscrew combines elegance and functionality. Perfect for uncorking your bottles with precision, it will become the ideal companion for your wine-tasting moments.
    Etc... (Other accessories to come)
    In the future, we may add to our range of accessories, including decanters, coolers, drip-stoppers and many others, all selected to enrich your oenological experience.

Accessories for all wine lovers

Whether you're an occasional wine lover or a seasoned enthusiast, our accessories are designed to meet the most demanding expectations. They reflect our commitment to offering you an unforgettable tasting of our Alsace wines.
Perfect Gifts for Alsace Wine Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for an Alsace wine lover? Our elegant accessories add a touch of refinement to any tasting collection, making every moment a memorable one.

Immerse yourself in the art of wine tasting with our accessories, and let each bottle reveal its secrets in an experience completely organised around Domaine Hertzog's Alsace Wines.