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Find here our selection of fruit brandies 100% from Alsace proposed by Domaine Hertzog. Marc de Gewurztraminer, Quetsch, Mirabelle plum, Pear, Kirsch, Raspberry: So many bottles available to taste or to offer according to your desires.

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Alsace brandies from Domaine Hertzog

The essence of Alsace in a bottle

At Domaine Hertzog, every drop of eau-de-vie is a captivating story, a heritage handed down through the centuries, enveloped in the Alsatian terroir and shaped by incomparable craftsmanship. Alsace eaux-de-vie, authentic and refined, are much more than a simple spirit drink. They represent the heritage of a region where every drop captures the essence of carefully selected fruit.

Distillation, a Passed Art

he magic happens at the heart of our distillery, where an artisan distiller, the guardian of centuries-old traditions, passionately crafts these precious eaux-de-vie. Every step of the distillation process is imbued with know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation, creating a unique alchemy.

Fruit Selection: A Quest for Purity

We pay particular attention to the selection of fruit, both stone and seed. Marc de Gewurztraminer, Quetsch, Kirsch, Mirabelle plum, Pear, Raspberry: each variety is carefully chosen, with respect for nature, to preserve the authenticity of its flavours down to the last drop.

Discover our collection of eaux-de-vie, where each bottle contains a treasure trove of Alsatian delights:

    Marc de Gewurztraminer: A powerful symphony of rich aromas.
    Quetsch : The subtlety of the Alsatian plum in an intoxicating dance.
    Kirsch : The lively essence of cherries captured in every sip.
    Mirabelle : A sweet melody of golden mirabelle plums.
    Poire : The sweet freshness of pears sublimated by distillation.
    Raspberry: The passion of raspberries captured in an exquisite liqueur.

Each eau-de-vie is a tribute to the generous nature of Alsace, a testament to the love and respect that drives Domaine Hertzog.

Savour the essence of Alsace and let yourself be carried away by the magic of its flavours.