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Find here our selection of fruit brandies 100% from Alsace proposed by Domaine Hertzog. Marc de Gewurztraminer, Quetsch, Mirabelle plum, Pear, Kirsch, Raspberry: So many bottles available to taste or to offer according to your desires.

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Alsace brandies from Domaine Hertzog

Eaux-de-vie d'Alsace, a spirit drink obtained by the fermentation or maceration of white alcohol and various fruits.

Whether it is stone fruit or pome fruit, it is with a point of honour that the distillation is carried out by a craftsman distiller who masters an ancestral know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation in Alsace.

The fruits are carefully selected by us with respect for nature and the idea is to preserve the original flavour at the end of the process:

    Marc de Gewurztraminer
    Mirabelle plum