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How to enhance raw vegetables or a soup with Alsace wines?
Did you know that wine complements raw vegetables or soups very well?

Wine does not only go well with meat, fish or even desserts. The stars of our gardens, raw vegetables, cut up, seasoned, accompanied by fresh cheese or in a hot version in soups, can be wonderfully combined in all their variations. The freshness of vegetables means that we often eat them cold or fresh in summer. In winter, we turn to soups for their comforting side. With salads, our white wines will allow you to (almost) never go wrong! The freshness of raw vegetables and their accompaniment makes them the best allies, especially dry wines. There is only one rule to follow: avoid using vinaigrette so as not to break the food/wine pairing. Find several grape varieties to guide you with raw vegetables, such as: A Muscat to accompany hot or cold asparagus A Pinot Blanc not to distort steamed vegetables A Pinot Gris for pan-fried vegetables A Gewurztraminer for more elaborate salads, such as Périgourdine, wok, etc. With soups/potages, which are often spicier, warmer and more robust wines are preferred, such as: A fruitier Pinot Gris with all woodland vegetables, such as mushrooms An expressive Gewurztraminer to accompany autumn vegetables such as squash, butternut, pumpkin In this section you will find a selection of our Alsatian wines which will be a perfect accompaniment to these summer dishes or to warm you up when it is cold.
Which wine to drink with a hot vegetable dish?

With asparagus, a Muscat will be most appropriate. Pinot Blanc goes well with steamed vegetables. If you prefer gratins that are enriched with béchamel or cheese, Sylvaner is recommended. For lovers of Asian or Japanese cuisine, such as woks, or vegetables accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce, the choice is Pinot Gris. It can also be served with pan-fried mushrooms with its smoky notes. Let's not forget the inevitable sauerkraut, emblem of Alsace, which will be accompanied by the emblematic Alsatian wine: Riesling.
Which wine to drink with a salad?

If you like shrimp salads, go for Sylvaner. If you are more of a Perigord salad or foie gras salad, go with a Gewurztraminer. Are you a fan of endive salad? A late harvest Riesling if you add nuts, otherwise a Gewurztraminer which will soften the bitterness. And for the star of salads: caesar salad! The pinot gris will sublimate the chicken and the parmesan that make it up.
Which wine to drink with a starter of raw vegetables?

Often seasoned with vinaigrette, Sylvaner is your best ally, whatever the raw vegetables you choose. In summer, a rosé will also be very pleasant with its fruity notes.