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You will have the choice between several grape varieties that will have the right acidity and minerality such as : A refined and light Pinot Blanc that will accompany fish in sauce with cream A Riesling with its mineral and lemon structure that will go perfectly with fish without interfering with the iodine side A woody Riesling to compete with smoked fish that is more powerful in the mouth We are also breaking more and more codes, with fish that we accompany with Pinot Noir, with its light tannins and red fruit notes that make it pleasant to drink with fish with a pronounced iodine taste. Yes, you read it right, it is possible.
Which wine to drink with salmon?

Salmon is a fine dish very rich in omega-3. With its rich and fatty flesh, we advise against serving a sweet white wine with it. A fresh and not too typical wine such as a sylvaner or a pinot blanc will be very good for smoked salmon, depending on taste. A Riesling wine will enhance a pan-fried or en papillote version. For a raw salmon, for example with sushi or sashimi in the idea of an Asian cuisine, choose a gewurztraminer that will support with its power.
Which wine with tuna?

If you eat tuna half-cooked, its melting flesh pairs perfectly with a Riesling that will enhance the iodine flavors, just as it does with a tuna steak that will be sublimated by the lemony notes. With red tuna, choose a pinot noir which will go very well with its low tannin character.
Which wine to use with fish terrine?

Here again, there is no secret, whether it is a fish terrine or a fish loaf, they will open their arms wide to the flavors of a fresh and lemony Riesling.