Our wine estate.


Exploitation at the family size in reasoned struggle since 1977, the Domain, existing for 3 generations now, offers you a large panel of fine and fruity Alsace wines, fresh and aromatic as well as gourmet Alsace wines to satisfy you. We offer you the 7 classic varietals of Alsace wine as well as a blending wine, all available here as well as for sale in the cellar such as:

Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot gris, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer.

Without forgetting the Crémants, the late harvests and the Grains Nobles and our Edelzwicker.

"There are two things that benefit from aging: good wine and friends"




To know us better?


We are producer-harvester, all our wines are in mono-varietal and resulting from our own harvest with an AOC (controlled label of origin). Some of them benefit from 6 to 10 months aging on lees in the Cave des Hospices de Strasbourg but above all they all benefit from our know-how and our attention thanks to vinification on the estate. Indeed, we do not stop at the vines, our requirement continues at the winery which is on site. Place where Sylvain Hertzog and I, his stepson, attach great care and quality to winemaking and Alsatian wine values ​​like any lover and passionate about wine.

Philosophy, grape varieties and our terroir.


Since 1983, the entire estate has been grassed every other row to promote greater water retention and soil richer in mineral elements. We limit organic inputs to the strict needs of the land.

The vines are worked in reasoned struggle, for the sake of the environment and the quality of our wines. The rows of vines are replanted more spaced to allow more sun to penetrate and allow better ripening of the bunches. Thus the old vines are "alternated" with a row out of three uprooted for the same reasons.

We are even very fortunate to have vines on the "Bildstoecklé" terroir.

It is a place called which extends over 28 hectares (including about 3 hectares for our domain) at an altitude between 225 and 321m. It is characterized by a soil marked by limestone and richly endowed with iron, prolonged sunshine and very favorable ventilation. Largely dominated by the Gewurztraminer and Riesling grape varieties, the hillside seems favorable for Pinot Noir, which particularly appreciates this type of soil. We treat our vines there in the Grands Crus production rules.

Where are we located?


Our cellar is located in Herrlisheim Vignoble, adjoining Obermorschwihr on the wine route, south of Colmar Capital of Wines of Alsace. Established since Roman times, the Obermorschwihr vineyard is very well known thanks to the richness of its terroirs (soils rich in seabed, sediments) and its micro climate which protects the vines.