Whether soft or hard, with or without holes, we've got all the secrets you need to know about pairing wine and cheese. Find out more about our selection to accompany your cheese platters.

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Alsace wines and cheese

Just as red wines are now recommended with fish, white wines also offer great pairings with cheese. Long confined to other dishes, Alsace wines are now making their way into the cheese round, offering some very attractive pairings. In fact, they soften the fatty side of cheese and its acidity, making them a great experiment to choose from, for example: A Pinot Noir : Slightly tannic and fruity, it's a great match for fried or raw camembert or bloomy cheeses. A Riesling will do the trick with a good goat's or sheep's cheese. A Pinot Gris will be powerful enough to stand up to Comtés, Beaufort, Abondance, and ideally pressed cheeses A Gewurztraminer will be exuberant and typical enough for Munster, Maroilles, Livarot, Roquefort and other strong cheeses

Which wine to pair with a strong cheese?

Strong cheeses include Munster, Maroilles and Livarot or Roquefort. For these, you need a powerful, amplified wine like a Gewurztraminer. It will bring out its full-bodied, exuberant side to balance the powerful character of this kind of strong cheese. You can even go for a late harvest in the same grape variety for slightly older cheeses.

What wine to serve with mild cheese?

Mild cheeses such as Comté, Beaufort and Gruyère need the opulence of a Pinot Gris, with its balance of acidity and aromatic power, to marry perfectly with mild cheeses.