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Pinot Noir, dear friend of game

Game meat offers great flavor and power. So you need a wine to match. Red wines are the best match. But as surprising as it may seem, full-bodied white wines can be a great match. You'll have several choices to choose from: A Pinot Noir: full-bodied and fruity, it's the perfect match for all black meats. A woody Pinot Gris from the Hospices de Strasbourg, with its powerful structure, will enliven hare or partridge.
Which wine to pair with duck?

If you're more into duck with curry or lacquered duck, opt for a Gewurztraminer. For duck à l'orange, take it up a notch with a Gewurztraminer Vendanges tardives. If you prefer duck breast baked or pan-fried, choose a pinot gris or vendanges tardives for the white wine version, or a full-bodied pinot noir for a red wine. For duck legs, enjoy a Gewurztraminer with plenty of intensity.
Which wine to pair with rabbit?

For hunter rabbit, opt for a pinot noir, which will go very well with this racy meat in sauce. A woody pinot gris, for lovers of white wine with rabbit, will add "pep" just like other game wines.