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Discovering the Perfect Pairing: Poultry and Alsace Wines

Immerse yourself in a gustatory journey where the delicacy of poultry blends with the richness of Alsace wines. Discover how to choose the ideal white wine to sublimate each poultry dish, creating unforgettable harmonies for your palate.

Which white wine should I choose to go with poultry? Alsace, a natural alliance

Poultry, with its tenderness and range of delicate flavours, finds its ideal companion in Alsace white wines. Forget red wines with powerful tannins, as the smooth sweetness of Alsatian whites adds the perfect touch to these subtle dishes. Choose from our iconic varietals to elevate every bite of poultry to an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Which wine with chicken? Alsace grape varieties to enhance it

Explore the endless possibilities with carefully selected grape varieties. Opt for a Riesling, the perfect partner for the famous Coq au Riesling and authentic Alsatian dishes. Let yourself be charmed by a full-bodied Pinot Gris, ideal for chicken curry or lightly spiced dishes. Let yourself be seduced by woody wines with elegant structures, sublimating complex dishes such as those from the Hospices de Strasbourg.

Which wine to serve with turkey? A culinary delight in Alsace

For turkey, let the light acidity and undergrowth notes of a Pinot Gris be your guide, a divine match for a turkey stuffed with chestnuts or mushrooms. Let a Pinot Noir enhance the tenderness of roast turkey, creating a unique taste experience. And don't forget the Crémant, ready to add a festive touch to your turkey dinner.

With us, every bottle tells a story, every poultry dish becomes a culinary work of art. Explore our selections, let yourself be inspired, and elevate your poultry meals to a new dimension. In Alsace, the magic happens in every glass and on every plate, creating exceptional gastronomic moments.