What to serve with charcuterie ? Find our Alsatian wines made to accompany your meal/meat platters which will be the perfect accompaniment to these moments.

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How to enjoy good charcuterie with Alsace wines?

A product of our Alsatian gastronomy that is as much a must as wine, charcuterie is enjoyed by young and old alike, all year round.
It is true that charcuterie is often associated with Alsace and for good reason, as we are reputed to be bon vivants. It is therefore totally possible to accompany a charcuterie platter with Alsatian wines.
You can propose several grape varieties to your guests such as :

    A Pinot Noir in a rather classic combination
    A Pinot Blanc, which will break up slightly heavy/fatty dishes with its acidity
    A Pinot Noir Rosé to accompany your charcuterie in summer

Which Alsace wine to serve with a raclette?

The purists will tell you that to appreciate raclette, you must drink a wine from the same region as the raclette. Exit the Apremont and others and welcome the Alsace wines. The latter come from a region where cheese is very present, the association of white wine and raclette is the perfect food-wine match.
Okay, but what Alsatian wine to drink with a raclette? You will tell me...
A fresh wine that will break the fat of the charcuterie and enhance the raclette like a Riesling, a Pinot Blanc or a Sylvaner.

Which wine to serve with a charcuterie board?

The charcuterie board is the new star of aperitifs. It is always an opportunity to have a good time with family and friends. So, to make the most of it, it is necessary to know which wine to choose to accompany it.
For a charcuterie platter, I recommend a dry white wine. You can accompany this with dry sausage, Bayonne ham, coppa or even a country pâté.
In addition to charcuterie, you can also make delicious combinations by adding cheese. Goat's cheese, for example, goes very well with charcuterie and the dry white wine you have chosen.
Domaine Hertzog offers a wide range of wines that will go perfectly with your next aperitif.