You love to eat meat. Discover how to accompany your meats with Alsace wines.

Just as there are white wines and red wines for meat, there are white meats and red meats that go together differently.

The safe bet for meats is obviously our only red wine variety in Alsace, the Pinot Noir.

For meats in sauce, opt for a pinot gris which, between its aroma and acidity, will be a good match.

For salted and smoked meats, the Sylvaner will lighten them thanks to its vivacity.

For grilled meats, choose a very fruity and light pinot noir.

In this section you will find our selection of Alsace wines to enhance your meats.

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How to match your dishes to their sauce?

Do you know the famous wine sauce? This expression says it all. Indeed, wine is often associated with the sauce of the meats that you prepare more than with the meat itself. It will be your best ally to define what to drink with, whether it is red meat or black meat, only poultry has a different approach. You will have the choice of several grape varieties such as : A Sylvaner to counterbalance the salty side and bring vivacity to smoked/salted meats A Pinot Noir, the great timeless classic, fleshy and full-bodied which will perfectly accompany your meats A Pinot Gris for meat recipes in autumn sauce A Gewurztraminer for Asian cuisine for the contrast between sweet and salty... In this section you will find our selection of Alsace wines to sublimate your meats and their sauce.
Which wine to serve with white meat ?

By white meat, we mean here: veal, pork and rabbit. For a hunter rabbit go for a pinot noir which will be very good with this racy meat in sauce. For a veal Orloff, choose a pinot gris. A pinot noir will go best if cooked as a roast. For a pork curry, gewurztraminer to compete with the spicy flavors. A pork roast with prunes will be nicely highlighted by a pinot gris, as will a filet mignon. So many ideas for pairing wine with white meat.
What wine to serve with red meat?

Pinot noir is THE red wine that goes perfectly with red meat. It's a classic, whether it's baked, barbecued or grilled, you won't make a mistake when choosing it.
Which wine to pair with a meat dish in sauce?

For a perfect marriage between wine and baeckeoffe, you should trust a structured and fresh Riesling for a nice balance. The same goes for a blanquette, trust the king of Alsace grapes too. On the other hand, for beef bourguignon, the pinot noir of Alsace will be able to accompany this dish in sauce. For a pork with caramel, you should count on a pinot gris which will be silky.
Which wine to drink with a pierrade?

Without surprise, with a pierrade the pinot noir will go very well if you have chosen a meat dish or a pinot noir rosé if you are in summer. If you have opted for a "marine" pierrade, a Riesling or a Sylvaner will be a very nice match thanks to their freshness. The plancha will be sublimated with a pinot noir from Alsace.