What to serve for an aperitif ? In this section you will find a selection of our Alsatian wines that will be the perfect accompaniment to these moments.

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What to eat as an aperitif with Alsace white wine ?

What to eat with a sweet white wine as an aperitif

Gingerbread toast with foie gras: the sweetness will go wonderfully well with it. Roquefort cheese: the sweetness will counterbalance the character of this type of cheese, as well as aged Comté cheese for its very pronounced taste. A goat cheese puff pastry will be coated by the softness of the wine. Pan-fried scallops or blinis with tarama. These are all dishes that will go very well with a sweet white wine for the aperitif.
What to eat with a dry white wine as an aperitif?

With a dry white wine, it is advisable to opt for rillettes, even rillettes of the sea, smoked herring bites or rollmops. Charcuterie platters whose fat will be attenuated by the "dry" tendency of the wine. A seafood platter will be welcome for lovers of these fine dishes. Tapenade toast, garnished with carrots and cucumber to balance the taste buds with freshness.
What to eat with a fruity white wine for the aperitif?

Foie gras will go very well for those who are not fond of sweet wines. Cod or shrimp acras. A cheese board will be delighted to be so well accompanied.