Pinot Blanc 




The view

The colour is pale yellow with some green reflections. The wine is limpid and brilliant.

The nose

The nose is fresh, discreetly fruity, with notes of peach, apple and floral hints. Without being exuberant, it perfectly expresses the primary aromas.

The taste

Pinot Blanc is a wine that opens quickly. Pleasant, tender with a medium acidity, it represents a happy medium in the range of Alsace wines.




Pinot Blanc is a wine for starters but also for main courses. It goes well with all simple dishes, fish, white meats, poultry, egg dishes (boiled eggs, omelettes, quiches). It is also welcome with mild cheeses (Gruyère cream, fresh squares, etc.).






Small to medium-sized, cylindrical, compact


Small, spherical or slightly ovoid

Where to find it :



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