On www.vins-alsace-hertzog.fr the online shop of our Domaine Sylvain Hertzog producer-harvester in reasoned fight since 1977 .

The estate, which has existed for 2 generations, offers you a large selection of fine, fruity, fresh and aromatic Alsace wines as well as gourmet Alsace wines to satisfy you.

Winemaker producer independent harvesters since 1977 we propose to you to find on the shop the 8 classical vines of Vin d'Alsace, the same ones you will find for sale in the cellar such as:  


 Edelwicker, Pinot Blanc, Sylvaner, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer.  


Not to mention the late harvests, Grains Nobles and Crémants.

But why an online store?

Unable to move the entire field in a van and come to meet you, we decided to do the opposite. By putting our wines of Alsace within your reach thanks to this site dedicated to their presentation and their sale in the wish to make you (re) discover and to transmit you the love of our products coming from our vines.


Do you want to know us better?

It seems important for us to note that all our wines are in single grape variety from our own harvest with an AOC (appellation d'origine contrôlée). Certain beneficiaries of a 6 to 10 months aging on the lees in the Cave of the Hospices of Strasbourg but especially benefiting all our know-how and our attention thanks to a vinification on the spot. Place where he attaches a great deal of care and quality to his winemaking and wine values ​​Alsatian as any lover and wine enthusiast located in the Domaine's cellar.  

 Would you like to locate us?

Our cellar is located in Obermorschwihr on the wine trail south of Colmar, Alsace Wine Capital.Established since Roman times, the vineyards of Obermorschwihr enjoy a very high reputation thanks to the richness of its terroirs and its micro climate.


Let's talk about encépagement, method of culture and terroir.

 The Domaine is a family farm run by Sylvain Hertzog.Since 1983 the whole estate is grassed every other row to promote a greater water retention and a soil rich in mineral elementsWe limit organic inputs to the strict needs of the earth.

 Sylvain Hertzog works his vines in reasoned fight , concerned about the environment and the quality of his winesChemical weed control is neglected in favor of the mechanical mowing of natural grass, which prevents soil erosion and insecticides are replaced by the practice of sexual confusionThe new rows of vines are planted more space to allow more sunlight to penetrate and allow better maturation of the grapes. Thus the old vines are "alternated" with one row out of three torn for the same reasons.

We are even lucky to have vines on the terroir of the "Bildstoecklé" .

It is a so-called place that extends over 28 hectares (of which about 3 hectares for our domain) at an altitude between 225 and 321m.It is characterized by a soil marked by limestone and richly endowed with iron, a prolonged sunshine and a very favorable ventilation.Largely dominated by the grape varieties Gewurztraminer and Riesling, the hill looks good for Pinot Noir, which appreciates these soils especially.We treat our vines before any classification in the rules of production of Grands Crus.





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