Pinot Noir



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Alsatian Pinot Noir has always been a light, fresh wine with cherry, raspberry and blackberry aromas and smooth tannins. However, it is increasingly aged in oak barrels, producing a deeper, more robust wine with a deep colour and aromas reminiscent of ripe fruit or leather...



The Pinot Noir rosé (or light red), dry, delicately fruity and served chilled, is very popular with country buffets and picnics with cold meats, grilled meats and salads.

The red Pinot Noir, with a longer vatting period and possibly aged in oak barrels, is a full-bodied and balanced wine that is becoming increasingly popular. Red meats and game call for these red Pinot Noirs d'Alsace, with their beautiful dark colour and intense cherry aromas.

More generally, Pinots Noirs d'Alsace go well with red meats and barbecues, certain cheeses and, since Alsace red wines are not too tannic, why not pair them with fish!

It would be a shame to forget certain dishes from the cuisine sans frontières: taboulé, lamb tagine and couscous are some of the specialities that enjoy being served in its company.




medium, orbicular, dark green, thick, funnel-shaped, slightly bubbled. Medium ogival teeth.



Small, cylindrical, compact.


Small, spherical or slightly ovoid, bluish black or dark purple.

dark purple. Thin skin, rich in colouring matter.

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