Pinot Gris



The view

Pinot Gris has a beautiful golden yellow or even amber colour.

The nose

Generally not very intense, but with great aromatic complexity, Pinot Gris often develops typical smoky notes: aromas of undergrowth, burnt vine shoots, moss, mushrooms, dried fruit, apricot, honey, beeswax, gingerbread... Being quite secretive by nature, Pinot Gris benefits from being decanted for a few moments before being served in order to fully appreciate its complexity.

The taste

It is a wine full of nobility, with a lot of substance, an admirable roundness that sometimes goes as far as a slightly mellow opulence, but always supported by a beautiful freshness. It is the balance of its power that makes it so attractive.


Pinot Gris is a wine with a strong personality that goes well with richly flavoured dishes. It is the Alsatian white wine that goes best with dishes usually reserved for red wines.

Game, marinated or not, veal, pork, poultry, especially accompanied by sauces with strong flavours, roasts, kidneys, risottos, mushrooms, cereals (polenta, wheat or corn cakes...), make it the wine for autumn dishes. In Alsace, it also accompanies the famous baeckeoffe.




Medium, orbicular, dark green, thick, bubbled. Medium ogival teeth.


Small, cylindrical, compact.


Small, spherical or slightly ovoid, varying from greyish pink to greyish blue.
Thin skin, sparse and melting pulp. It differs from Pinot Noir only in the colour of the berries.

Noir only by the colour of the pulp.

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