Discover or rediscover the grape varieties of Alsace Wines.

In Alsace, we have a vast vineyard, traversed by the wine route, which goes from Marlenheim to the North of Thann via Obermorschwihr. It is made up of many terroirs, with very different soils and 7 main grape varieties all benefiting from the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC). You should know that in Alsace, it was decided to highlight the varieties of grapes rather than the domains themselves, which is why the wines are classified by grape variety. Here are the descriptions of each grape variety to understand them and know everything about them and therefore at the same time learn more about us:


Pinot Blanc




Pinot Gris

Pinot Noir



You may realize that each of them offer wines with different approaches. It goes without

saying that with the same grape variety, each winemaker is likely to be able to make

several vintages depending on the desired wine. By accelerating or stopping

fermentation by various processes, this allows us to obtain different Alsatian wines. But before you can do the work in the cellar, you must first harvest them. And this

happens every year at a very specific time.  


Harvest or crop.

In general, all these grape varieties are harvested by hand by teams of harvesters, but it

happens (more and more frequently) that the harvest is done by machine for a question

of time, weather or availability. The dates for the start of the harvest are fixed by decree as well as the pre-harvest for

the crémants. Conversely, there is no deadline for these, everyone is free to harvest as they see fit

while respecting specifications according to different names or terms and conditions,

all well regulated for years. The so-called "Ice" or "Ice Wine" harvest includes a specific method because for these

the grains must be frozen and this requires a very specific and complicated extraction

process. There is no time limit to harvest the grapes even for late harvests.

Late Harvest and Selection Grains Nobles d'Alsace.

Since 1984, the Vendanges Tardives mention has been recognized by ministerial decree. For these it is a question of minimum potential degree to be reached for the plots

selected by each producer. Obviously these sugar concentrations are not achievable

every year. The designation "late harvest" requires manual harvesting. There are only 4 grape varieties eligible for this type of wine: riesling, muscat, pinot gris

and gewurztraminer. Each one having a minimum degree to reach to be named thus

and having to rest in cellar 18 months before being able to be marketed. Those on which the noble rot with the fungus, Botrytis cinerea, which feeds on the

moisture present in the berries, will have become "Grains Nobles" under the same

conditions as for the "Late Harvest".





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